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Veritas Cinema Series: Captain America Winter Soldier

We're excited to have our first movie night of the year! This is a free event to bring Harvard Students, Faculty, Staff and community together. There will be popcorn and good Harvard company. Come with your family and friends to relax, and meet the Harvard Community. The event is on September 19th, from 7pm to 11pm in the Smith Center’s Harvard Commons.

Keeping with the theme of Ethics and Morality, The Winter Soldier will explore Steve’s struggle with adapting to a time when Right and Wrong are not as cut and dry, as they were when he last walked the earth.

Having slept the last 70 years, he is presented with the moral dilemma of someone who went to sleep in the 50’s and is now faced with today’s morals. Politics and politicians are different, the government is different, do we trust government or is the government protecting us? Steve must struggle with his thoughts and feelings and question his beliefs. Should he trust S.H.I.E.L.D.?

The events of The Winter Soldier will have him questioning everything he believed.

“Is it right to preemptively use them to kill suspected terrorists prior to any sort of trial?” Russo said. “So the times we’re living in are even more complex.” We saw Steve asking nearly this exact question in the UK trailer for The Winter Soldier.

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